Sanctification means growing in Christ. The work of salvation is done, but there is still work to be done in a Christian's life.
Unity and Victory in Christ
End of war - answers and applications
God doesn't give us the blessings we expect - God gives us GOD
Obedience is doing exactly what God tells us without challenge, excuse, or delay.
Striving to partner with God through an alive, awake, and active faith
How to follow Jesus' example when it comes to missions.
The world will hear and believe in the Word of God when Christians live by the Word of God, even when it's hard.
We should seek counsel from the Lord through prayer, scripture, and godly advice.
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"Transforming religious and irreligious people through the Gospel into passionate disciples of Jesus"

Address: 410 Lord Berkley Road
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Service: Sundays at 10am
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