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We must have the correct view of the Old Testament

Wisdom or Folly?

October 7, 2018
Those who are in relationship with Wisdom will be wise have a better and longer life
Jesus shows religious people that they need the grace of God

The Father’s Love

September 23, 2018
When bad people turn their hearts toward God, they find great compassion

A Transformed Paradigm

September 16, 2018
Part One of The Prodigals Series in Luke 15. In these verses we see that Jesus wants to transform our paradigm for relating to God and we see that every…

Responding to the King

August 12, 2018

As Timothy is challenged to be strong in his leadership he is reminded of the infinite strength of the God who is with him.
James was the earthly half brother and a doubter of Jesus but he came to place his faith in the Son of God. In his introduction he self identifies as a "servant of the Lord Jesus." Do you agree with James about Jesus?
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